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Welcome to all the new members, thank you for showing an interest in my books. Sadly, I am behind with Book Two of The Henrician Chronicle, mostly due to the research and writing for a non-fiction book on Tudor Clothing. However, there is a new and rather exciting History Magazine - HistoricalTimes - in which I've played a small part. Among other, fabulous authors and historians, the latest Tudor issue features an article I wrote about French Hoods. There are also articles about Tudor cooking, Hever Castle and and exclusive short story from author, Wendy Dunn.

The magazine is free to members and you can sign up to the website here:

In other news, I've also been involved in an anthology with some of your favourite HF authors, including S. J. A. Turney, D. Apple, K. S. Barton, Lynn Bryant, Stephanie Churchill, Kate Jewell, Paula Lofting, Samantha Wilcoxson, Jennifer C. Wilson and myself. It is due for release very soon, and will scare you out of your wits on the run up to Halloween. I will alert you as soon as a pre-order is available.

Only one of our re-enactments dates actually went ahead - all that sewing for nothing! But we had fun at Aberglasney gardens in May.

Other than that, I've had a relaxed summer, keeping up with the garden, spending time on the beach, and on wet days, indulging in my new hobby of renovating vintage dolls houses. I have a separate blog about that for those interested.

Now the summer is drawing to an end it is time to take myself in hand, knuckle down and do some writing. Have a great autumn. I will be back with further news in a few weeks.

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