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HistoricalTimes Magazine - The War of the Roses issue is out now!

Happy New Year! If you haven't signed up for the Historical Times magazine yet now is the time to do it. I think the War of the Roses issue is the best yet with articles and stories from top historical authors, myself included. With so many authors the perspective is varied and articles cover the leading players in the era's events. My article is about Margaret Beaufort and there is a Giveaway of the first book in The Beaufort Chronicle - The Beaufort Bride.

It is FREE to join and the magazine is FREE to read! Back issues are also available. Why not make it a really Happy New Year and join your favourite authors discussing your favourite eras!

In other great news - 2022 has started off really well with The Kiss of the Concubine winning a Silver award from the Historical Fiction Company! Keep the good things coming!


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