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January 2023

Well, the tail end of 2022 wasn't great for me. I went down with Covid in October which progressed (or digressed) into long-Covid and I am only now beginning to feel better. What a terrible virus it is.  I don't know when I've ever felt so ill and the long recovery was exhausting. I'm still not 100% yet but at least I can report that A Matter of Faith is at last with the editor and will be with you soon.

I really appreciate your patience and thank you for all the messages of support during my struggles. Even better news is that the same day I sent off the manuscript to be edited, I began to write Book Three. I promise to do all in my power not to tqke so long with this one.

Also in the pipeline, the non-fiction book I am writing for Pen and Sword publishers is also currently being proofed. It is stuffed with lovely illustrations, not just of Henry VIII and crew but also pictures of The Fyne Company of Cambria while on their Summer Progress in 2022.

I shall keep you posted on publication dates. Meanwhile, back to the keyboard! Happy 2023 everyone!

September 2022


Just dropping in to let you know I am still here. This summer has been immensely busy with the holiday let, the garden, the new collection of two hundred houseplants, and writing of course. I recently completed the first draft of a book of Tudor Clothing and fashion (with tips of how to make your own) and sent it off to the publisher. It will be full of colour and black and white illustrations. Non-fiction and I are uneasy bedfellows, I have to constantly rein myself in, force my creative brain to be concise. I just hope you all like it when it hits the book shelves next year.

As for Henry, he has not been at all pleased about the delays to the second volume of my Henrician Chronicle. Every so often he lost his temper and forced me to put aside writing about corsets and codpieces and pay him some attention. Progress has been slow but, rest assured, I am working on it and now have a few clearish months in which to write intensively. I do apologise for the delay and once book two is done, I promise to knuckle down and write the third and final episode quickly as I can. In the meantime, I suggest you read all my books again, lol.

I hope you all had a fabulous summer. Last week our beach was teeming with families, children and dogs and it was impossible to swim without risking life and limb among the paddle boards and kayaks. Today, the beach is almost silent, just a few older couples walking their dogs. It is always sad, knowing summer's end is nigh. The garden is parched, brown leaves have begun to gather on the lawn, but soon autumn will burst into glory and the lovely frosty days and bright skies of winter will follow. I will not mention the wind and rain or the chances of snow but, after all, such conditions are perfect writing weather. Onwards and upwards!

October 2020

I must be the worst author in the world for updating her news and events page. it isn't that my life is lacking, it is just that I am so busy being an author that I forget to update.

I've been involved in a few anthologies of short stories this year with some splendid authors. The first Royal Blood (published by Sharpe Books) is a collection of stories from the Tudor court and my contribution is a story about Katherine Howard. It is available on Kindle and paperback and I believe the publisher is considering an audiobook. You can read a sample here

The second anthology is due out in November but I am sworn to secrecy just now. What I can tell you is that I am working with some wonderful authors: Cryssa Bazos, Anna Belfrage, Derek Birks, Helen Hollick, Amy Maroney, Alison Morton, Charlene Newcombe, Tony Riches, Mercedes Rochelle, Elizabeth St John and Annie Whitehead and the cover is fabulous. 

I have been working on other projects too. Since the final book of The Beaufort Chronicle was published, I've added Sisters of Arden and The Heretic Wind to my catalogue. I've also been working on audio versions of my books with two lovely ladies, Elizabeth Bergstone who narrates Margaret in the Chronicile, and Alex Lee audio who narrates  The Kiss of the Concubine, A Song of Sixpence and The Heretic Wind.

Lockdown has been hard for all of us this year and Covid 19 continues to hamper our social lives and cripple businesses. As an author it hasn't been too drastic for me. I rarely go out, I work from home and the fewer social pressures meant I had heaps of time to work on my new book. Unfortunately, because the weather was so splendid in the Wales I spent most of my time gardening or on the beach instead of working and am now paying the price and hurrying to reach my dead line.

The book I am currently writing is a challenge but it is something I've considered doing for a long time. It will be called A Matter of Conscience: the Aragon Years and is told from the perspective of Henry VIII himself. It covers his early years, his childhood, the death of Arthur, his time as Prince of Wales and the early years of his reign when he and Catherine were happy. Progress is good so far. Henry has not yet become the cruel man of his latter years. He has plans to become a good Christian king, the father of many sons, a champion of the church - all of which, he sadly fails to do.

Next time, I will give you the glimpse of the cover and hopefully a publication date. In the meantime, be good, keep safe and keeeep reading!

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