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You can find my work in several anthologies, available on kindle, as paperback or audio productions.

Castles, Customs and Kings is a collection of non-ficiton articles that originated on the popular historical webpage English Historical Fiction Authors. The articles are written by numerous authors using information they researched while writing their novels. There are two volumes, both books are large and make wonderful 'coffee table books' or gifts for fans of history.

Available on Kindle, audible and in paperback.


Royal Blood is published by Sharpe Books and is a collection of fictional short Tudor stories by authors who are published by Sharpe. 


Betrayal is a collection of short historical stories set across the historical period. It features popular authors such as: Judith Arnopp, Cryssa Bazos, Anna Belfrage, Derek Birks, Helen Hollick, Amy Maroney, Alison Morton, Charlene Newcombe, Tony Riches, Mercedes Rochelle, Elizabeth St John and Annie Whitehead

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