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January 2019

I won't deny 2018 was a difficult year both personally and professionally but it ended with a bit of a bang. The first piece of good news was when The Beaufort Woman was awarded The Coffee Pot Book Club Book of the Year 2018. This great news came fast on the heels of the release of Sisters of Arden, which is already gathering in some satisfying reviews.

This spurred me on to start on my next novel, I AM MARY! Not, Mary Queen of Scots who is dominating the headlines just now but her cousin, Mary Tudor, Queen of England. I have got off to a great start with it, Mary is a strong character, often depicted as rather a failure both as a queen and a person but, seen from her own perspective, she suddenly becomes more understandable and very tragic. I am looking forward to spending the rest of the year with her.

Maybe, just maybe, I will have some more good news for you soon.

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