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A Daughter of  Warwick:

Anne Neville: Queen to Richard III

Previously published under the pseudonym J M Ruddock.

Daughter of the ambitious Earl of Warwick, Anne Neville is drawn into the ferocious war between Lancaster and York; a series of battles we now know as the Wars of the Roses. When Anne's father falls foul of Edward IV she is married without royal sanction to the Lancastrian heir, a man she has been taught to loathe.

Her childhood friend, Richard of Gloucester is powerless as she is exiled, married, widowed, kidnapped and finally held captive in the stews of London. Finally wed to Richard, Anne discovers fleeting happiness but her contentment is shattered when King Edward dies and names his brother Richard as Lord Protector.

The historical record provides just a few glimpses of the real Queen Anne Neville and the little we know of her is gleaned from accounts of the men who controlled her world. A Daughter of Warwick adds flesh to the bones of Anne’s story and considers the impact of medieval war on a defenceless girl.

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