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June 2023

Yes, I know I am rubbish at blogging but what will ill-health, running a bnb, writing two books, marketing the others, caring for two hundred houseplants, a busy garden and restoring antique dolls houses, there really is very little time.

However, I thought I would update you on my progress.

A Matter of Faith: Henry VIII, the days of the Phoenix is doing very well, gaining lots of reviews and favourable comments. I am busy with Book three now. Although he won't admit it, Henry is fast approaching old age and having cast off wife number four is currently married to a very young, Katherine Howard. After struggling with Book two, due to Covid and other issues, this book is coming along much more quickly. I am enjoying writing it and that always shows.

Pen and Sword will be publishing a non-fiction title How to Dress like a Tudor that not only discusses the history of Tudor fashion but also addresses how to make a reenactment costume. It is NOT aimed at expert sewers but ordinary people with little sewing skills but who welcome a challenge - or in other words, don't know their own limitations -lol. It is available for pre-order now.

My audio narrator, Alex Lee, has completed two of my books, The Winchester Goose and Intractable Heart for Audible and they are available now. If you'd like a FREE code to listen to any of my titles just message me and I will send you one. She is currently working on Sisters of Arden.

As summer approaches I plan walks on the beach, afternoons plotting in the garden and mornings looking out at my beautiful roses while Henry pours out his heart to me. I also have a number of re-enactment days where you can see my in my posh kit and purchase author signed paperbacks. Keep an eye on my facebook and twitter account for dates.

Thank you so much for your continued support, the reviews, the messages and comments on social media, and also for your patience with my tardy upkeep of this blog.


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