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What's been happening in 2020?

I don't need to update you about the horrors of 2020 so far. I imagined lockdown would see me seated dutifully at my desk, writing every day but I was wrong. The weather was so lovely, I spent most of the summer in the garden or on the beach and am now rushing to meet my January dead line. When the lock down rules relaxed we had the pleasure of royal company when some members of our reenactmet group visited. You can find The Fyne Companye of Cambria here.

I am currently working on a novel from the pov of Henry VIII. It is called A Matter of Conscience: the Aragon years and should be published early in 2021 (fingers crossed).

I have also recently signed a contract with Pen and Sword books for a non-fiction title How to Dress like a Tudor which will look at Tudor fashion and feature my own historical sewing. As many of you know, I have facebook and Etsy pages The Tudor Handmaid where I showcase and sell handsewn Tudor clothing. I made several new outfits this year: a late medieval style gown, and Henry VIII clothes for my son to wear at reenactments when The Fyne Companye of Cambria are allowed out again.

In other news Ive been involved in several anthologies this year. Royal Blood features Tudor short stories and is published by Sharpebooks. It is available on Kindle.

The stories in Betrayal take you on a journey through history and features the work of some fabulous author. This publication is FREE so grab your copy now!

I'd better get back to work now. As December approaches way too fast, I'd like to take this opportunity to wish you a Merry Christmas and a healthy happy New Year.


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