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You'd think after so many years I'd not still be making blunders but we live and learn.

My intention was to have a lovely swish launch of both the kindle and paperback on the 15th March. However, with great skill I somehow managed to publish the paperback early and before I knew it people were messaging me to say how happy they were to have ordered a copy.


It was too late to turn back then so, we will now have a staggered launch. The paperback version of A Matter of Conscience is selling fast and on this coming Monday - as originally and beautifully planned - we have the kindle launch and the Blog Tour.


I am hoping for a swift rise up the chart as there have already been plenty of pre-orders and interest. Here's hoping my first volume of A Matter of Conscience doesn't disappoint.

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Well, 2021 sloped in the through the back door disguised as 2020. Still locked down here in Wales and another month to go before restrictions begin to relax. Even the weather is awful, local flooding, gales and lashing rain adding to the sense of doom.


On a personal level, like many of you I am missing my children and grandchildren, and I am so thankful for the many interests I have to keep me distracted. If I stop to think about the situation too long I feel like curling into a ball. instead I close a mental door on all that and trudge on into the future that will hopefully be better for us all. Thank goodness for books! Both the reading and the writing of them.


I've kept my chin up by working hard on the forthcoming launch of A Matter of Conscience which is being run by The  Coffee Pot Book Club. mary Anne Yarde and her daughter, Ellie, do a great job promoting authors. I highly recommend their services.

The blog will consist of interviews, excerts and articles about matters raised in the novel and promises to be a lot of fun. Please keep an eye out on how to join in. Follow me on twitter or facebook so you don't miss anything.


A Matter of Conscience: Henry VIII; the Aragon Years was intended to be just one book but you know Henry, he wanted more so I've begun writing Book Two: A Matter of Faith which will cover Anne's fall and Jane Seymours time as queen. I've not written about Jane in length before so I am looking forward to making her acquaintance.


I am also working on a non-fiction title for Pen and Sword Books - a history of Tudor Fashion from 1485 - 1603.  This will be an interesting project to write as it ties into my hobby of sewing historical clothing. I now have the excuse to make something new so that I can photograph and record the progress as I go. I shall update you further as I progress.


March 15th is the publication for A Matter of Conscience which isnt very long away so I'd better get on with the arrangements! Have a happy month and keep safe!gh the

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