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You may have thought I'd been abducted by aliens, or fallen into a deep dark hole but no, I've been writing.

Completing the final book in The Beaufort Chronicle left me wiped out so I've taken things a bit easier this time.

My next book is a fictional story set against the historical background of the dissolution of the monasteries. I am enjoying it very much and hopefully it should be with you by Christmas (Arghhh! I said the 'C' word).

Here is a work-in-progress cover and blurb to whet your appetite:

Blurb – Sisters of Arden

Arden Priory has remained unchanged for almost four hundred years. When a nameless child is abandoned at the gatehouse door, the nuns take her in and raise her as one of their own.

As Henry VIII’s second queen dies on the scaffold, the embittered King strikes out, and unprecedented change sweeps across the country. The bells of the great abbeys fall silent, the church fragments and the very foundation of the realm begins to crack.

Determined to preserve their way of life, Margery and the sisters of Arden join a pilgrimage thirty thousand strong to lead the heretic king back to grace.

Sisters of Arden is a story of valour, virtue and veritas.

Fingers crossed it will be with you by December.

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