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Welcome to my website where you will find information about my historical novels and latest projects.

History was recorded by monks, men to whom women were largely irrelevant, and as a result women were not given sufficient space on the record. This has robbed them of a historical voice, they are left on the side lines, playing a supporting role to the men who dominated their world. 

My collection of Tudor novels are written from the perspectives of women like Margaret Beaufort, Elizabeth of York, Henry VIII's queens and his daughter, Mary Tudor. But common women deserve a voice too and in The Winchester Goose I provide the private opinions of a prostitute from Southwark and, at the opposite end of the scale, Sisters of Arden follows the path of two young nuns during the upheaval of the dissolution of the monasteries. 


All books are available as paperbacks or on kindle. The Beaufort Chronicle,  A Song of Sixpence and The Kiss of the Concubine are now on Audible. 

Please take some time to explore my webpage and leave a comment if it pleases you.


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